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domingo, 4 de maio de 2014

4 de Maio - Lauren From UK (Inglaterra)


A driver with the highest level of ambition
Whos qualifying lap was the ultimate composition
No matter what the weather condition
He would do whatever it took to beat the competition

As a man he had a golden heart
According to Sir Frank he was very smart
His attitude on and off track were worlds apart
He was way too young when the world saw him depart

As both a driver and a man hes a true inspiration
An incredible man who changed a nation
Then got in a car and drove a lap that needed no Murray Walker narration
When he died at Imola there was utter devestation

Hed do anything possible to help his country Brazil
Helping kids get education to develop a talent or a skill
He also donated money all out of goodwill
After he passed his sister was left with his dream to fulfill

It never gets easier does it the 1st of May?
When the legend Ive wrote about Ayrton Senna passed away
Emotions i find are very difficult to convey
I sometimes wonder what he'd be doing if he was here today...

So despite the feelings of sadness and pain
We must also remember the good times and spraying of champagne
Of an heroic man who lived life in the fast lane
Rest in peace Ayrton...your memory will forever remain.

Tribute by Lauren
Blogger: 5 Red Lights
Twitter: @LaurenRF1